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Saturday, January 24, 2009
Have a beer and window shop in Granville Island
Granville Island is nestled right in the middle of Vancouver, underneath the Granville Street Bridge, one of the bridges which connects Downtown Vancouver and Vancouver West. Sure it's a tourist destination, but locals (especially the artsy bunch) also love to go there and stock up on fresh produce and fruits from the Public Market and cruise through the different buildings packed with specialty stores, most of which are arts&crafts stores (I found a wicked bead store...you can actually sit there and make your own jewelry, something that I might drag a girlfriend there to do with) and custom designs stores.

The Public Market really never gets old. Enter through the doors and what's an old, industrial building from the outside turns into a bustling, exciting (and delicious-looking) world of every food product you can think of, from fresh veggies & fruits to seafood to candy to meats to pasta to a variety of teas to much much more. The strawberry and cherry baskets are stacked like pyramids and the flowers are beautifully assorted, the whole place is like an art gallery! You can't get away with just walking by the variety fudge and desserts section...especially if you're with kids. I also found a pasta place that held tortellinis with different kinds of filling...one word: mmmmmmm!!

I also took a full virtual tour of Granville Island some time ago, take a look at it here.

In the back end of the Market, past the food court is an exit that will pop you out at the dock right on False Creek. On a nice day it's a perfect spot to set up a picnic...across the water is Yaletown, one of Vancouver's trendiest neighborhoods, which is very nice on the eye. We caught it right when the sun was starting to set, casting a gorgeous orange-ish ray on the futuristic highrises, an ongoing trend in Vancouver.

The island also has it's own brewery, Granville Island Brewing. Since we were there of course we stopped in for a drink and some snacks...this time we tried the sampler, which gives you four options worth 6 oz each. We were served with the Winter Ale, some seasonal darker one, a Pale Ale and a Honey Lager. My personal favorite was the Winter Ale...very smooth and very yummy!

As I mentioned before Granville Island is full with art & craft stores...Emily Carr, the university for art and design, calls Granville Island home, and there is also a large theatre where different groups perform (the Arts Club Theatre Company).

Never been to Granville Island? You can read more about it's history and venues on their website. If you're from out of town, it's a destination you really shouldn't miss.

Amy Kizaki
Vancouver PowerSearch Team

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